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Presently, our various projects are related to sports development at different segments and age levels for which we require support.


It is a structured foundation athletic programme for school kids ageing: 3-14 years at grassroot level. The growth of human body takes place usually at this age group wherein every physical, physiological elements of the human body needs to be taken care of with respect to workout, diet and recovery. Our NGO has selected and picked up some athletes at all their basics and are giving them training in consideration with their age and physical progression. This project of ours, emphasis more on participation then competitiveness. The atheletes are skilled with general sports techniques, general body fitness and psychological preparation.


Women is the core strength of the family. They go through different phases wherein they experience menarch, menstruation, pregnancy, abortions, fetal miscarriages, saperation from their own family, etc. These bring in many harmonal and physical changes throughout their lives, which inturns lead to emotional fluctuations, which needs to be balanced and acccepted.This project is working upon fitness of women and girls through various physical fitness activities and mental relaxation techniques so that they clam down and go with the physical turbulences with ease and comfort. Our women trainer identify their health and psychological issues and resolve them through various techniques & methods like : yoga, aerobics, meditation, reiki, etc.


This project is targeting upon the PARA- ATHLETES & ABLE ATHLETES to bring them upon competitive levels. They are been trained at all levels of sports capabilities may it be grassroot level, intermediate athletes or high performance level athletes. Specialised training is provided to them by our renowned expertise team of athletic coaches in order to achieve high performance results. Majority of our athletes belongs to the rural areas and distance communities which doesn’t have access to nearby sports facilities. Our coaches, train these athletes at various sports training centres at Delhi, NCR , adjoining states & abroad .Also, they need proper guidance and training not just in sports but in managing their education and employment as well. We make them cover up their ignorance to sports management system here in India, through our consultation. Our managers and coordinators handle their prosthetic requirements, paper work, sports science data, etc so as for smooth participation during their competitions. To ensure best performance in competitions, we take proper care of their regular routines ie : their living, diet nourishment, food supplements, medical requirements, routine travel, recreation, physiotherapy, etc.


This project targets more upon rural communities in India which is full of talent but lacks awareness and education.We try to organise local athletics competitions here so as to bring in challenges to their lives.Through sports competitions, they get to know/ how of the various sports events which they can learn and compete in. During all this process, sometimes the surprise themselves knowing their hidden worth and this way we identify talent.  Our team then selects them, make them go through our counselling sessions, award and facilitate them through various means and ultimately provide them sports training. We also aid them in managing with our sports system and further grooming for the sake