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Online Fitness : Basic RULES

  • Wear shoes while exercising on a hard surface.
  • A mat on the floor is a must to exercise.
  • Avoid slippery surfaces for exercising (eg: tiles)
  • Ensure proper ventilation. Keep windows/other outlets open.
  • Concentrate on breathing.
  • Keep a water bottle near you.
  • Try wearing sports clothing.
  • Listen and observe your fitness instructor carfully.
  • Check your network connectivity beforehand.
  • Ask for video recording (If available)
  • Remove clutter, make space to exercise and avoid injuries
  • Ensure privacy of your exercise place so as to avoid distractions.
  • Believe in your instructor.
  • Give yourself time to get conditioned, nothing is immidiate.
  • Food consumption must be 1 hour or more before the exercise.
  • Respect your classes, their is a difference between observing online videos and getting instructed by an online trainer.
  • Do communicate your medical problems beforehand to your fitness trainer.

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